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P0600 error Check Engine Light HELP!

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Hey guys! I have a HUGE issue, I have a 2001 VW Beetle 2.0 and I'm getting a P0600 error and my check engine light is on. Now I installed a LED license plate cover and it stopped working so I thought that was the issue so I removed it and erased the code and it just popped right back up. :( then I read somewhere that it could be a low battery causing this error, and when I start my car of a morning it cranks slow, so I know my battery is weak. Could that be the issue? The only thing thats been replaced in the car is the coil pack, would that have any effect on the P0600 error? This is driving me insane, and I can't afford to take it to a VW dealer to have them run down the problem. I appreciate any help. Thanks so much!
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P0600 Volkswagen Serial Communication Link OBDII Engine Light Trouble Code | Engine-Codes.com

Of note; "low battery voltage"; I would take your car to a local auto parts store, have them check the whole charging system and see if there are any problems. These checks are free; that would eliminate the charging system and battery as a possible issue. Do that and we will go from there...
I took it to Auto Zone and they couldn't even find my battery SMH... And I found it for them, and because it had a fuse box ontop of it they told me that they couldn't check it for me :-/
Take it somewhere else; they are clueless. I've had mine checked at my local Autozone; whoever you dealt with, doesn't know what he/she is doing. :rolleyes:
When I took mine in for testing several years ago, I pulled it out of the car so they could test it. That turned out to be a good call, because they found the voltage was low, so they had to charge it before they could test it. They charged it in the store, which took a couple of hours, but it tested good, so I re-installed it. The cause of the dead battery was a faulty factory radio. I replaced the VW radio with a Pioneer aftermarket radio, which fixed the problem.

Recently that battery died, but since it was 4 years old, I just replaced it rather than bothering to have it tested. The car has been fine since.
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