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P0722 code. Speed sensor

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We have a 2002 beetle. The car started revving very high at higher speeds even without any pressure on gas peddle. As we slowed down the car was running about 1k-2k rpm's higher than normal before the odd revving began. So we disconnected the battery and upon replacing the check engine light came on and threw 4 codes, the first being the p0722 code. I am hoping the wiring harness just disconnected but not sure of how to locate and need help diagnosing the problem. This is my wife's car and she works at 5am and I work nights so if she gets stranded it is a task to make sure she is safe and gets to work on time. Please any advice or help is greatly appreciated
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What other codes came up?
P0722pd output spread sensor circuit no signal, p0730pd gear ratio incorrect, p0740pd TCC circuit malfunction
Thanks billy, I've been to those sites already and that is why I am trying to diagnose the actual cause of the codes. I'm trying to locate the speed sensor harness or any other advice people may have. Thanks
What scan tool are you using? Those are generic OBD II codes; do you have access to a Volkswagen specific scan tool; like VCDS? That would give you specific VW codes and you could read up on them here: Ross-Tech Wiki Based upon the codes so far; looks like a transmission or speed sensor, problem?!

I don't know which engine/trans combo you have but you could start troubleshooting the speed sensor:

here is a link to a manual for the 2.0L: go to the next pages for step by step troubleshooting


testing and inspection:

if you have a different car; look it up here:

It was our speed sensor. Transmission guy wanted to rebuild transmission for 2grand. Speed sensor was 60. Figured I'd leave this message for anybody with similar problem. Good luck guys. Thanks to those that helped us
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