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Hello all,
Still working on daughter's 1998 New beetle AEG 2.0 with 01M 4spd A/T. Just replaced the G38 (input shaft speed sensor), mainly because it was the easiest to replace. While trying to find the G68 (output shaft speed sensor), I ran into a year number break that says ATM part number 01M 927 321 is for year models 1998-1999, but models 2000-2002+ use 01M 927 321B. I was at a NAPA store that had the 321B and physically it looks like the same sensor and connector on the pigtail as the 321, but it is clearly stated that this sensor will not work with 1998-1999 transmissions.

Can anyone please tell me the difference between these sensors? If so, why wouldn't the 321B sensor be backwards compatable?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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