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So this all started Monday, I took my car for inspection and one the way there the CEL came on and I get a code for my o2 sensor often and the car wasn’t acting up, it was running really well actually, so I ignored it. I got it to the garage and they inspected it. They pulled it down from the lift and parked it and gave me the keys and had me pay. I went out to start the car but it just cranks for a super long time and does not start at all, I had to have it towed home. This totally came out of no where for me. The codes on the car and what I’ve found for them is as follows:
P0725: Engine Speed Input Circuit Malfunction
P1780: Transmission Control Switch Circuit Out of Self-Test Range
P1850: for this one I’ve found everything from Brake Band Apply Solenoid Circuit, the park/neutral switch, to “Data-Bus Powertrain missing message from ECM”
It’s a 2001 New Beetle GLX 1.8T
I haven’t tried deleting any of the codes. I’ve ordered the crank shaft positioning senseor and engine speed/ rpm sensor after checking the fuses in the side of dash with no luck. I was just wondering if anyone had any further insight into this? I’m really hoping it’s not the ECU or ECM. (Here’s for hoping they knocked something loose on lift even though I’m sure that’s very unlikely) Also I apologize if my car terminology isn’t quite right my dad is my mechanic. I’m not sure if any of the recent repairs matter but the only thing was my alternator, rear calipers, rear brakes, rear tires, and rear rotors. Also I’ve been having to jump the car frequently. (But I assume my battery may be going though from sitting dead,it’s only a year old)
I appreaciate any ideas or comments thank you!
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