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P103 Please help!! 2.0

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Hello, got a 2001 beetle with a 2.0. Runs drives excellent. Cleaned maf. Checked for cracked hoses,cleaned throttle body.Reset code but P103 returns after 15 miles. If I unplug maf when car is running it will hesitate for a quick second then clears up. Should I replace maf?...what about coolant temp sensor?....any suggestions would be great.....Thanks
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Here are some links; that should be helpful, when testing/troubleshooting the maf:

Part 1 -MAF Sensor Test: Jetta, New Beetle (5 wire type).


What kind of scanner do you have and can it see live data? :confused:
Thanks for the info. I have a code reader from sears, its an obd craftsman.

If you cleaned the maf with a rag or something than it could have damaged it. From what I hear and read before that the maf sensor should never be touched at all just spray with maf cleaner then let dry. Did you remember to recalibrate maf/throttle valve after you finished? like this; turn key to on position without starting car, leave there for 25-30 seconds and turn back to off....YA DONE MAN:bigthumb:
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