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This is absolutely the best paint chart/paint code reference site I have ever found.

If you want to know what the color of your Bug is really called, this is the place to find that information.

There was a post the other day, looking for something like this. I couldn't find the link, but I have since found it and here it is.

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Thank You!
This should be sticky'd
Done! :bigthumb:
THANKYOU!!!!!!! Thats a brill link:goodjob:.
I wish there was somewhere that lists what colours were free for the year on manufacter and what colours carried the extra charge, or limited edition colours, then you'd know if you had a RARE colour or very common :rolleyes:
Google New Beetle & Year, or New Beetle, Year, and Colour, or New Beetle Special Editions. You might be surprised at the information you can find.

While I'm sure VW of A has production figures related to total production, models, engines, trannies, trims, colors, etc., for whatever reason I have never been able to find any. Perhaps VW has avoided publishing these figures because of embarrassment over low sales figures over the years.

I do know, that what may have been a special colour or colour combination in one market, may have been standard fare in another.

I have a link for all the Special Editions and production figures for them for the World, but have already found inaccuracies in that. I can't get to the link right now, but it is posted up on the Org elsewhere, and I'm sure will come up on Google.

Thanks for the Paint Ref. Chart... very helpful to us NB Newbies.
Well, we're not on that side of the pond! :p

But for everyone, if you need your paint code, it can be found by looking -
Imagine my surprise when I clicked on the GM paint codes and looked at the 1973 Buick only to see my 73 GS car as a sample of the paint... There are also pics of my 86 GS as well as my racecar The Maggot...Awesome!
Interior Touch Up paint

Does anyone know what paint is used on the 2012 Beetle seat rails? I need to touch up a scratch and can't find any matching paint. It's not a glossy black, nor a flat black, more of a dull satin black.
You're a star cheers!
I was wondering if there was anyone who knew how 2017 bottle green metallic beetles were made and sent to Canada. This seems to be an incredibly hard colour to find.
Any auto body supply shop can march or lookup the code by vin #; the sticker in your trunk, should have the paint code.

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I have a 2000 Beetle GLX in Reflex Yellow, yet that PaintRef place only show's it as a 2001 option. Sorry for bringing up an old comment but I plan to repaint myself and I'm curious of people's thoughts on that.
The paint code, should be in the trunk; did you check it?

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I have, it is LW2B. I'll take a look again tomorrow, the car had been parked for a couple of years. Fixing it up so I'd like to get the right paint. My phone camera seems to have brightened up the colour a bit.
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