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today since I was fiddling around in the garage anyways..I Figured out how to install a Ford Taurus Coin/Cup Holder Unit on one of my spare consoles.

1. I used a Dremel, Screwdriver, my Cordless drill, some old lisence plate steel & some 90^ bracket I had laying around the garage. also a couple misc nuts & bolts to hold it tight.

2. I carefully cut the ash tray & lighter out of the console, leaving a lip on the top & bottom, also notching the 4 corners for the face of the Ford piece to clip into.

a close up of the notches and lips

3. Once I got the notches properly holding the unit in place, I needed to make a bracket to hold the back of the ford piece tight. it has a slot for a tab to fit into.. I had some old license plates laying around.. I then cut & bent that to fit nicely.

Continued below...

4. After that, I cut & bent the angle bracket and drilled the hole in the license plate to fit the bolt I had laying around. here they are assembled together,

note that the hole is off center in the license plate. This is because of the U shaped hole that is in the console.

5. I drilled the hole to connect to the console after I fit the bracket to the Unit and made sure it would be tight. Here is the bracket all screwed down tight.

6. afterward, it was a matter of 3 screws and tadaa!! the console is installed. note the two screws into the face. these are needed to secure the Ford unit tightly in the front. drill these holes carefully and dont overtighten them.

took me a couple hours since I was test fitting the ford piece a bunch then trimming a bit. but I think its worth the time.

more pics below

here it is holding a water bottle.

and afterwards, I took the whole thing back out and decided that I needed my power point to be functional. I tested my procedure on one of my spare consoles to make sure it would fit tight and not be floppy..

basically I traced a 13/16" socket (perfect size) on the inside of the console to mark the size of the lighter hole with a scribe.

took out my dremel with rotozip side cutting bit instlled and carefully cut from the outside looking at my line on the inside. trimmed till the lighter fit tightly and popped it right back in.

what do you think?

not a bad use for a rainy Saturday afternoon.

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that's awesome! good work! thanks for sharing. ;)

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great mod, Aaron. :bigthumb:
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