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Hi, not really sure how to describe this problem but here goes!
I've got a 2005 VW 1.6 engine. I noticed recently that on both sides of the roof at the back there are thin parts that were sticking up slightly. These are basically strips on either side of the roof which run right across the top from the front window to the back.
I'm sure these have a name but I'm no expert.
Anyway, I noticed tonight that one of them has popped out, so is like a piece of metal sticking up in the air. This has a rubber seal on it. I'm not sure why these have both popped out at the same time but wonder what to do next as, like I said, I'm no expert. Should I just be able to pop these back in myself? There doesn't seem to be anything undeneath them, but they're not just 'slotting' back into place if you know what I mean. I've attached a picture to give you an idea of where I mean, as it's too dark for me to take an actual picture right now..

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