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Passenger Window and stop not working

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I have a 2009 VW New Beetle Convertible and the passenger window and convertible top has stopped working. I noticed the other morning when I was rolling the window up it went up really slow. Then two days ago I noticed the window isn’t going up or down at all and the top doesn’t work either. I think the top not working is due to the window not functioning. I tried to do the resets I could find and nothing has helped. All three other windows will go up and down fine but not the passenger one. All other power appears normal to the door. The status will change for the top when it is unlocked and the other three windows will drop like they are supposed to but not the passenger one. I have it parked under my carport for now since the window is not seated under the top like it needs to be to keep water from getting in. Any other suggestions for me?
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Do you have a vw factory level scan tool like vcds by ross tech?

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No, I am trying to find a shop near me that may have one. Not sure I want to dump the money into one right now.
Something like vcds, can read trouble code and view live data for the convertible top and window regulators, etc.

Investing in yiur own vw scan tool; will save you in the long run, the better tools like bcds is $199, while the obdeleven is $69 and on amazon, some basic “vag” code readers are even as low as $20.
Will the obdeleven or the vag code readers give me the code for the window?
I haven’t personally used that scan tool but it does seem to support vw’s, have some advanced features. Because most if these are Chinese knockoffs; you don’t really know; how well or if they work, are your particular VW, until you try it.

Note: at that $65 price range; you are at the same price fir OBDEleven, which is more popular, widely used, which isn’t exactly perfect either. It is a more modern solution; as it has a wireless dongle that works with Android devices and has a downloadable app, which is actively being developed, easy to update.

Buying from Amazon, is a good idea; as you can try it out and return it, if you don’t like it or it doesn’t work?

Note: I use vcds by ross tech and have since 2007; i do not have any experience with these other vw scan tools. I also use a elm327 wifi dingle with apps like dash command or obdfusion; on my apple iPhone XSMax.

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I unfortunately do not have anything that is android. The apple model is quite a bit more. And that is what I figured with Amazon being my best option to be able to return it if it doesn’t work. I have all apple products and one chrome book.
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Yeah, unfortunately, coverage for Apple is a. bit weak and then you are getting into the $100-$150+ range, pushing you into the $199 VCDS by Ross Tech territory.
Thank you for all of your help. I think I am going to go ahead and order that one from Amazon and give it a try. The worst I’m out is a couple of days if it doesn’t work. Thanks again
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That is the code I got. Is my google research correct that I need to replace the control module in the passenger door? Also, is that a pretty simple job?
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May sound dumb, but how do I check the data bus status?
Also, the door locks still work, and the switch still lights up. The window just won’t operate
Thank you. I will check and see
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So I took the door skin off and nothing appeared obvious. But I did discover that the lock does not work on that side either. I can hear the click when I unlock on that side, but when I lock the car, the passenger side does not lock. Both switches have light to them, but neither works for their intended purpose
Forgive me for sounding dumb. But would I just unplug it from the back of the switch? Or where would I unplug the door lock module?
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