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Passenger Window and stop not working

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I have a 2009 VW New Beetle Convertible and the passenger window and convertible top has stopped working. I noticed the other morning when I was rolling the window up it went up really slow. Then two days ago I noticed the window isn’t going up or down at all and the top doesn’t work either. I think the top not working is due to the window not functioning. I tried to do the resets I could find and nothing has helped. All three other windows will go up and down fine but not the passenger one. All other power appears normal to the door. The status will change for the top when it is unlocked and the other three windows will drop like they are supposed to but not the passenger one. I have it parked under my carport for now since the window is not seated under the top like it needs to be to keep water from getting in. Any other suggestions for me?
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Also, the door locks still work, and the switch still lights up. The window just won’t operate
this video, might be helpful in understanding the bus system and checking for bus status, possible narrowing down of component failures.

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I don’t know if your scan tool; can read live data or data blocks, such as in vcds.

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Thank you. I will check and see
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So I took the door skin off and nothing appeared obvious. But I did discover that the lock does not work on that side either. I can hear the click when I unlock on that side, but when I lock the car, the passenger side does not lock. Both switches have light to them, but neither works for their intended purpose
So, you took the door panel off and inspected the door with the trouble code?

The code was for the passenger side door control module.

You might unplug that door lock module and see if the convertible top and other side door start working again?

If operation is restored; then that may indicate the unplugged part is defective and causing things on the communication bus, to go down.

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Forgive me for sounding dumb. But would I just unplug it from the back of the switch? Or where would I unplug the door lock module?
Well, that is the point of a process of elimination; start unplugging things, one by one, to isolate, remove things and check to see the results. It would make sense, to start with the passenger side; the parts that has the trouble code, in that case, was the door lock module?

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I, unfortunately, do not have anything that is android. The apple model is quite a bit more. And that is what I figured with Amazon being my best option to be able to return it if it doesn’t work. I have all Apple products and one chrome book.
yeah. Coverage for apple services is a bit less. But they provide excellent services according to my experience. If you buy from amazon return policy is flexible and more clear. You can also directly buy from the apple store where apple provides its free services and apple return and refund policy.
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