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Passenger window dropped

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My passenger window has dropped, using the switch it went down normally with some noise, but when I went to open the window it would not move, it would only go down. Now it is all the way down and will not function.

Has anyone had this issue or know of a fix, some hints to repair, I have done some minor repairs in the past on the car?

It is a 2000 gas 2.0 litre with 155km and is in good shape, was hoping to keep for a couple of more years, its a great work commute car.
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The typical situation; when the cable fails in the window regulator. Go to your local VW dealer in your area or online and order the regulator repair kit (give them your VIN #; to insure you get the right parts); don't buy aftermarket parts, they don't last. The repair; is definitely something you can do, it is just time consuming and it does require patience.

Check out these links for videos and diy info:

https://www.google.com/webhp?source...TF-8#q=new beetle window regulator repair diy

A couple of good online vw parts dealers:

Ditto. Had the same thing happen to our '03 vert. Just take your time and you should be able to do it. There are a few videos on the site and youtube. Just take your time. The repair kit should be less than $100. After dickering with the parts guy I got mine for $80
Thanks for the responses, the videos were very helpful.

So, I have removed the outer panel, removed all the wiring and now I am at the inner panel, it is loose and ready to be removed.

Here is the issue, the window is in the down postion and I cannot move it up to line it up with the access holes to the 2 clips.

The window is wedged in and the only solution is to remove all the trim on the top of the door or I fasten the inner panel, to reline the window?
I have removed one strip of trim, the inner trim came off with no problem, the outer trim might be more difficult to remove.
So my questions are, if I remove the trim, should the window free up? And how difficult is it to remove this trim?

Today I plan to call VW for the repair kit, I can see that the cable is broken and needs to remove/repaired.

I am in no rush, I have my 2013 Jetta to get around but would like to have my Bug back for work commutes.:)

Thanks in advance,
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All done with the repair, bought the repair kit from VW dealer and finished it yesterday and back on the road now.
Was a little tricky to get the wires and plastic grommets in the steel frame of the regulator, but after that it was like putting together lego.
Thanks for your comments and suggestions.

cool, I'm glad you got the car fixed and back on the road! Not too hard, if you take your time; plus, now you know how to do it next time! :)

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Our VW dealer wanted about $300 for a regulator repair kit! Any suggestions on another place to buy one?
Try 1stvwparts.com or vwparts2go.com; if you look up the parts on vwparts2go.com; they will list the part number and then you can search for better prices online.

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Sweet! Thank you so much!!
Our VW dealer wanted about $300 for a regulator repair kit! Any suggestions on another place to buy one?
That's far too high. When I bought my repair kits, I called around to all the local VW dealerships' parts departments and found that prices varied a bit, so I went to one that was still fairly close but had a better price than the one closest to me.
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