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passenger window not dropping

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I just bought a 2003 Convertible and the passender side window does not lower and raise when closing the door. The driver's side does it, but not the passenger. I have to lower and raise it manually when closing the door.

Anyone know why and how to fix this. The window works fine otherwise.

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Sorry, this was already asked and answered

I guess I asked this to fast. I did find on here this same questioned asked and answered.

Will I be damaging the door or window if I don't fix this? Or is it just more of an irritation?

You need the door latch replaced, a big PITA. If you do not fix this, the window will wear the edge of the top and cause it to fray.

if you can "manage" the issue by manually dropping the window you may be able to live with the issue.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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