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Hi all!
I have searched through the forums and found numerous threads that seem to be close to what I am experiencing, but do not seem to see any resolutions.

Here is what I have going on:
The passenger window switch will send the window DOWN, in either switch position. Not up. The (master) driver's side switches will send the passenger window up, however.

Here is what I have done so far:
1) Gone out and bought a new passenger window switch; installed it and (sadly) found that the problem is as it was before. Down in both positions.
2) Tried 'resetting' the window by sending it up and holding the switch (only possible via the driver's side master) and then down and holding. Tried this and bumping 3x at each stop, as well
3) Took the leads off of the battery and waited 1 min. as well as jumping the two leads to discharge anything; reconnected after a minute and all is still the same

I have read about the passenger window 'module,' but I am unsure what a module is. Is that the motor unit? A type of relay box?

Thank you all in advance!

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Since you haven't filled in any of your vital information, such as the year of your car, I can only offer this up to you:

The window switches were a known issue to VW, in certain years of the NB. VW has been in a Class Action lawsuit over this and had offered to replace and warranty the window switches that were used in certain model years. I know this, because my car was one of them. You may contact a VW dealership, or VW directly and see if your car may be one of them that is affected by this.
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