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PCV 1.8t system, how should it work?

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I have tried to find a explanation how the PCV system in a new beetle 1.8T works. So far no succes. Found one thread, but the pictures were gone. I assume the cranckcase gasses are pulled from crankcase via vacuum via pcv valve into the intake manifold, untill the moment the manifold pressure increases when accelerarating and the pcv will close.What i don't understand entirely is the connection to the intake tube ( the hockey pug). It looks there is positive pressure from the valve case into the Y tube. I assume thes gasses are pulled also through the pcv valve. But what is the use of the hockey pug? Is it only to provide fresh air to the gasses drawn into the manifold? That would mean if the pressure in the Y tube is higher than in intake, the hockey valve would close?

So if there is somebody who really understands it, I' m interested in your answer. If I missed a relevant thread, just point me to that one.
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hockey pug

I'm no expert on this but from what I read it's used to keep the turbo from getting too much feedback pressure in it's input and damage the Turbo. I believe it's always open and when there is too much recirculating air coming back from the input manifold it closes. The internet is the best thing they ever invented :p
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