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2000 GLX, Cyber Green, Cream Interior, 5sp.

Interior Mods:

- TT pedals
- Turbo S Dead Pedal
- Brushed Aluminum Dash Kit
- TVA Aluminum Flower Vase
- Momo Combat EVO Shift Knob
- OverHeadCam's Mom's Shift Boot
- Custom Dyed Leather Seats

Exterior Mods:

- 17x7.5 Mille Miglia Cup 3S Wheels
- Caractere Front Spoiler & Side Skirts
- ATS Rear Valence
- No drill spoiler
- 225/45WR-17 Kumho ECSTA Supra 712 Tires
- Nate's Cyber Green Emblem Inserts
- Clear front corner lights
- Perfect Fit Color Matched Bra (Sometimes)
- Meep Meep horn
- Painted Engine Cover
- Painted Calipers

Performance Mods:

- APR 2.5" Downpipe & catback exhaust
- K&N Air Filter
- Turbo S Vented Fender Liner
- Prothane Motor Mounts
- Dieselgeek "Racing" Short Shifter Kit

Suspension Mods:

- Autotech ClubSport Suspension (Shocks and Springs)
- Autotech lightweight Front & rear anti-sway bars
- Autotech lower stress bar

In the beginning . . .

First step, new VW wheels . . .


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That is one awesome Beetle you got there ! Djeezzz....

Like the rims and the caractère front and side skirts !

But, think it would even look nicer with the caractère back spoiler and center exhaust....

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pdoel said:
I've never been keen on the caractere rear. That's why I opted for a different one. Well, I shouldn't say I don't care for it. I kinda like it, it's just not for me.
I find the caractère kit just great, unfortunately it's kinda expensive :(

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Could you post a straight on side shot of the ATS rear valence, and a straight on rear shot? I'm trying to photoshop the ATS kit onto my car, and I can't find any good pictures that matchh my angles. Thanks!

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Great new pics - beautiful!!


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Hercules said:
very very nice ride, very clean!!!!
SWEEEEET. But then again, I am partial to Cyber Green since my hardtop is of the TURBONIUM variety!

Very Clean!
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