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Current alterations/modifications:


* Clear Rear LHD foglight to balance up looks
* US Spec 45mph rear spoiler motor (original kept sticking)
* Deleted passenger side door lock
* Billet aluminum antenna
* Votex front lip spoiler
* Frosted rear lights (removed at moment)
* US Spec Turbo rear badge (removed at moment)
* UK custom plate N30 BTL
* Philips Visionplus bulbs
* OEM Turbo S/ V5 Sport alloys (replacing kerbed factory "Daytona" wheels for time being )


* Colour matched grab handle caps
* Custom leather trimmed door handles
* ICE-LINK interface for G3 Ipod/Belkin Ipod holder
* Audi TT pedals
* Upgraded full set of speakers
* Dynamat soundproofed driver and passenger doors


* Turbo S vented arch liner
* Forge 007p billet aluminum diverter valve - (plastic OEM kept breaking)
* Jabbasport engine remap (upcoming)
* KONI SSK78 adjustable yellow sports dampers with Vogtland 35mm lowering springs

On delivery day

Exhaust tips

UK custom plate

Stealth "Eat Rice" logo

Right hand drive, of course, over here in the UK


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phope said:

Should I paint this body-colour or matt black? what y'all think?

My opinion : body colour !

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I would either leave the lip grey primer, or paint it black.
A quality paint job never looks cheap.

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Very CLEAN bug!!! paint it the same as your car.... very good looking and classy

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Finally remembered to post pics of the drop :cool:
Just a 35mm drop...nothing too silly...perfect for the roads round here

It's not the drop that is the best thing...it's the fact that the Beetle finally handles :D

The Koni yellow sports dampers have made such a difference...driving home from getting them fitted was like a completely different car...

Reasonably firm, but not uncomfortably so. Rears have been set at 1 full turn; fronts still have a lot of adjustment left as well, if I want to firm it up even further :D


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:D Love the eat rice sticker under the wing! Glad you're enjoying the drop/handling. If you're still tallying opinions, I'd paint the front splitter body color.
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