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Return to Roswell 2013
New Beetle Photo Scavenger Hunt

(done on the way and during Roswell)
Prize up for grabs are two LEGO Alien Invasion sets.
Get a photo with your new beetle and these other places/
(01) A State Sign
(02) City Hall
(03) 3 Murals (there are 2 in Roswell)
(04) Your beetle with 3 other different colored new beetles
(05) Alien
(06) Dinosaur
(07) Landmark or Landmark sign
(08) Police Car
(09) Welcome to Roswell Sign
(10) Starbucks
(11) Any other vehicle that is Pink or has pink accents
(12) Stadium
(13) Body of water
(14) 5 (not all together) Air Cooled Beetles
(15) 3 Reflection shots
(16) Farm Animal (Cow, Pig, Chicken, Horse, etc.)
(17) 3 (not all together) Buses
(18) Fruit Stand
(19) 3 different Wal-Marts
Winner will be determined by who takes the most pictures/places!
Procedure for judging:
By Saturday Morning - Upload your photos to Flickr and add to the following group:
Flickr: Roswell New Beetle Photo Scavenger Hunt
You will need to create a free account if you don’t already have one.
Add yourself to the group, then you can click “add photos” and it will take you to your Flickr
account so you can chose the files you want to submit for the contest.
PLEASE - rename the files or put in the comments description of the photo that
corresponds with the list of items or number from above.

See attached PDF


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This is great - will make the lonely drive from Ft Collins to ABQ go by faster!
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