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Please help with door lock removal

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I am in the process of replacing the driver side window regulator in a 2008 new beetle convertible.

I am at the step where you loosen the small screw under the rubber plug in the door jam to remove the lock.

Every video and article indicates that if you loosen the small screw, the lock slides out with very little effort.

When I loosen or even remove the screw, the lock does not move at all no matter how I pull, wiggle, or pry it.

Is there something I am missing or are there additional steps for a 2008?

Thank you in advance for your help,
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Thank you for the response, I appreciate it.

You post in the my door handle keeps coming off thread contains a link to door lock convertible/lock cylinder housing, but it is not active. Do you happen to have that information?

In looking at the lock, there is a plastic shim of sorts between the lock assembly and the door, but I do not see a keyhole piece of sheet metal. Where is it located and/or how do I get to it.

Have a great evening,
You cannot fully remove the screw, you loosen the screw almost all the way, the push on the screw head to slide the sheet metal retainer toward the door jam that retains the door lock cylinder.

See the attached PDF for more info.


You sir are a rock star.

What manual did your door handle removal link come from? It looks like it would be a good manual to have.

Thank you,
The PDF was from the electronic Bentley manual which I recall is not cheap. I was told 12 years ago when I was tracking this down that there were no print manuals for the New Beetle, not sure this was/is true.

The problem is in 12 years computer technology and OS have changed and they way Bentley handles their programs has changed a LOT as well as I have probably been through 4+ computers for different reasons. So to say the electronic version is the way to go, not so sure.

I started out with a DVD disc as I recall, then is has moved to direct downloads and then Bentley is not hip on offering support unless you pay some 3 year fee. I have been able to get them to help some when I have had to change computers, but it is not often very easy.

I use a PDF printing program to convert the parts of the manual I need.
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Thanks. I will check out Amazon to see what a Bentley Manual cost and to see what other options are out there.

Have a great day,
Not certain about the '08 Model year, but see if this DIY would be helpful
Another option for service manuals; is a one day subscription to Erwin and then you could download the manual pages in .pdf format.

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