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please need help/suggestions miss fire idle issues!?

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So my baby (2007 beetle 2.5 coupe with 44k miles) was running fine, filling her up at the gas station. Another car pulls up and as I'm humming to myself, dancing in the -15 degree weather I'm thinking man that car sounds horrible!

Gas nozzel flips off and I realize its MY car that's iddling for crap!!

She sounds like its gonna stall out, but hasn't, and the air smells like a gas leak. Engine light is flickering on and off. When I stepped on the gas it seems to run fine engine light goes off and I made it home. It only happens at idle.

Started it this morning, engine light stayed on. No idle issues and I drove to an advance auto store where they scanned it.

P0011- intake (a) camshaft position timing - over advanced (bank 1)

P0300- random miss fire cylinder 1,2,5,4,3

I dont really want to take it into a stealership due to the near raping for a simple $120 secondary smog pump that involved 3 screws and thirty minutes. They nearly got me for $975!!

Reading links I'm thinking its that rubber intake gasket on the valve cover, and or the spark plugs and coils?

What do you guys think/suggest?

Also red temp light comes on and no heat at idle, but due to the cold I'm thinking is a secondary problem unrelated to the idle issue.
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Kinda sad not a single person responded to my post.

Either way turned out to be a rather simple fix. I replaced all the spark plugs and ignition coils. I think it took me less than an hour to change them all out. Took the car to my stealership and had them do a oil change and clear the cel.

I've got about 1000 plus miles with no problems running great. I was worried for awhile the problem would come back but now feel no stress.

While I was there I had them 'overfill' my antifreeze bottle and the heat issue and cold morning check level light has been resolved as well.

Hope this helps anyone else having the same problems.
Hey, sorry you didn't get any responses; you must have gotten lost in the shuffle! :)

Anyway, glad you got your car running right; if you ever struggle with a idle issue, the 2.5L has a common problem with the pcv valve in the valve cover failing. To learn more about this issue; check out this thread (Dorman repair kit; you don't have to buy a whole new valve cover from the dealer):

I just saw this post I had the same codes and found out if your oil is dirty or a quart low the cam advance solenoid gets stuck open and can over advance the cam timing.
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