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I bought a beat up 2002 New Beetle 1.9L tdi. The error codes are legion.

I have already fixed a bunch of mechanical issues with help of PickNPull, and there are probably still a few more.

But most of the codes appear to be electrical related. I'm wondering if there could be one or a couple of common causes which if I fix one it eliminates a multitude of codes. Or, do I need to attack them one-by-one in whatever order?

I've lookup up each code on Ross-Tech Wiki, with possible causes and solutions and put them all into a spreadsheet, and flagged all that are possibly electrical related.

Worksheet here: (as OpenOffice Calc)
or here: (as PDF, also attached)

Or, here's just the list:
DTC Code DTC Status DTC content
17656 (P1248) Passive/Sporadic Start of injections regulation, Control difference-
17055 Passive/Sporadic Cylinder 1 Glow Plug Circuit-
17057 (P0673) Cylinder 3 Glow Plug Circuit (Q12): Electrical Fault
17964 (P1556) Passive/Sporadic Charge pressure control, Value below lower control limit-
17978 Active/static Engine Control Module (ECM) disabled-Fault 1 02 - Transmission Control Module
01192 Passive/Sporadic Torque converter lock-up clutch - Mechanical malfunction

Fault 4 03 - Brakes 1
65535 Active/static Control module faulty - Electrical malfunction in circuit
00283 Passive/Sporadic Left front ABS wheel speed sensor - G47 - mechanical malfunction
00283 Active/static Left front ABS wheel speed sensor - G47 - Electrical malfunction in circuit

Fault 8 46 - Central Module Comfort System
01330 Passive/Sporadic Central control module for convenience system - J393 - Voltage supply too low
01141 Passive/Sporadic Luggage compartment unlocking switch - E165 - Implausible signal
01044 Active/static Control Module incorrectly coded - lost23
01331 Passive/Sporadic Door control module on driver side - J386 - Voltage supply too low
00932 Active/static Window regulator motor on driver side - V147 - no adjustment or incorrect adjustment
01332 Passive/Sporadic Door control module on passenger side - J387 - Voltage supply too low
01359 Passive/Sporadic Interior locking switch on passenger side - E198 - Implausible signal
00933 Passive/Sporadic Window regulator motor on passenger side - V148 - no adjustment or incorrect adjustment

Other Symptoms
Low gas indicator always on
Digital Odometer sometimes partially showing
Left Blinker blinking quickly
Brake problem indicator

Again, I'm just looking to see if someone has an idea what problem I should attack first which may take care of multiple codes at once.

Much Appreciated.


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Glow plugs 101 ***Ver. 2.0*** - TDIClub Forums

How to sort your glow plug problems, you probably need to replace a couple but go through the guide.

Replace the left front wheel sensor.

As to the comfort module.
Your battery is dead or was cranked till the voltage went to low. Charge or replace the battery. A fully charged battery is 12.6-12.8v not 12v. A battery that reads less than 12.2 is a dead or discharged battery. Clear the codes and see what comes back. Those are the ones you’ll need to deal with.

Low fuel light is probably a dead or sticking fuel lending unit. Pull the back seat, pop the access panel and change it out or clean it.

Beetle clusters go bad get the part # from the back of the cluster and find a replacement, junkyard, partout or eBay. They are a 10 minute job to replace.
You’ll need to get an immo delete for any new cluster. Make sure the numbers are the same a gasser and a diesel are different as are an auto and a stick.

Change out the signal bulb or clean the contacts in the assembly.

The brake light should go away after the sensor replacement unless your fluid is low or the parking brake handle isn’t sitting on the little switch straight.

Sounds like all little stuff. On another note it would be a shame to get all that stuff sorted and break a timing belt. When was the belt done last and by who? Did they use quality parts and replace everything? Belt, water pump, 2 rollers and tensioner and stretch bolts? Did they fine tune the timings with vcds? The timing belt is the priority item, all that other stuff is annoying but easily fixable. If the belt breaks or strips teeth you’ll need at a minimum a new head.

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I would start by clearing the codes and seeing what comes back up.
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