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buglover said:
Where do you get the cables?
Well... if you read the bottom of that page I linked to... you need the custom cable that connects to your iPaq that will give it a standard serial port... then you need the cable that goes from the VAG/OBDII scanner port to a serial connector (with the specific electronics that allow it to work for VAG codes). Then you need a null modem cable (I think) to connect between the two.

The null modem cable is easy. Fry's or Radio Shack will have those. They'll also have the gender changers that you'd need to connect everything together.

The VAG cable you can get either from Ross-Tech or a couple of other vendors. You could probably to a Google search and find several... such as

The iPaq serial cable... I dunno...
maybe Amazon? You'd know better than I would

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I run VAG-Check on a Pocket PC. You need the following:

A Pocket PC with a serial port. Make sure the PDA has a serial port. You know it does if you can use a serial cable to connect it to the PC to run ActiveSync.

A serial connection cable, the kind to connect it to the computer to run ActiveSync. This is either provided (if an older model), or you can purchase it from the manufacturer or at a store. For iPaqs, you can purchase HP's serial cable connector (usually a combo serial+USB cable).

A 9-pin serial port gender changer. Radio Shack.

A 9-pin serial null modem adapter. Radio Shack.

An OBD<->Serial interface. OBDTool sells one. An old ISO-COM VAG-COM interface probably works.

Connection is as follows:

OBD->gender changers->null modem adapter->serial cable->Pocket PC

VAG-Check can do blocks, basic settings, and read/clear DTCs. Pretty much anything involving the Engine Module is available, so it's a decent diagnostic tool to have around. If you want more features, VAG-COM is still the best. I have both. The PDA gets more work since I usually have the iPaq on my person at all times (I keep the cables in the car). But when the car is in the garage and I'm doing, say, readiness tests, VAG-COM remains the better tool. I'd prefer to use the iPaq, but I'll have to wait a bit for VAG-Check to catch up... or VAG-COM to port.
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