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I have a 2006 Beetle vert 09G with only 28k miles. It does this weird thing between 3rd and 4th where the RPMs go up and down twice before shifting. I think it's slipping although there is no jerking... all gears shift smoothly. I just had the valve body replaced (for a seperate issue) and was hoping that would take care of this problem, but it didn't. It was doing it before I replaced the vb, in fact it's been doing it since I've owned the car, about a year. There was no issues with the fluid when the vb was replaced. It was in normal condition.

There is also a very faint metallic vibration while in 3rd and 4th gear after I first take off in the morning which makes me think it's related. I can only hear it if the radio and heat are off and it goes away after only about a minute once the car is just a little warm.

I'm not sure I would have even noticed these 2 things had I not had the vb replaced and was focused on how the transmission was acting. They're very subtle and I'm not sure if anything is even wrong.

I should also mention that while shifting manually in tiptronic mode, all gears work normally. I still hear the vibration when I first take off, but all gears shift normally as I would expect them to.

Here is a video of what it's doing


In this video I just made a turn... notice that I barely shift into 4th before it immediately goes to 5th.

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