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Power Steering Cap?

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New to me, 1999 w/2.0, had it two months so far. Did an oil change today and i was looking around for the source of some oil that has been dripping from the engine, followed the "wetness" up to the powersteering pump. I checked the level and it is slightly overfilled and there is a dry residue all over the top of the reservoir (so its not coming from the top/cap, currently). My question is, are these caps vented? If so, is it possible my vent is clogged and the excess pressure is forcing out one of the hoses? I had a similar issue on a dodge of mine and i ended up taking a dremel to the cap to help it vent, and had no issues after that.
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Kinda answered part of my own question earlier, took the cap off and examined it, tried to blow through a small hole in the top of the cap and got nothing. Got a small screwdriver and dug off the dried residue from around the hole and tried blowing again and it worked. Sucked out some excess fluid and brought it up to the proper level on the dipstick, no i will just have to wait and see if i get anymore drips.
Good find with the vent cleaning. Keep this thread updated so we know if it works!
I recently had my power steering fluid flushed and the shop that did it did not fully tighten the cap back on the reservoir and the fluid was seeping/spraying out from under the cap. That cap has to go on super tight. There's a lot of pressure in that system. After I tightened it fully, the leaking stopped.
power steering reservoir

Those tend to leak at the bottom of the reservoir. I temporarily fix mine last year with Epoxy and now the other corner is leaking too so guess I'll epoxy that and if it leaks again I'll just replace it their not too expensive on ebay.
Almost a month later and I think it is fixed, haven't seen any wet spots underneath.

Almost a month later and I think it is fixed, haven't seen any wet spots underneath.
congrats, show us a picture of what part/area you cleaned so other folks can learn from this in the future.
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