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power steering leak

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I have a 2006 TDI Beetle. It recently began to leak power steering fluid. It is leaking bad. I put about a quart a week into it. They guy at the VW parts department said to put some stop leak into the fluid to slow down the leak. Is that a good idea? I know this fluid can't be mixed with any other type of fluid. If stop leak can be used, which one should I try?

In the end, I will need to repair it. The dealership said it was a gasket and I needed to replace the steering rack for $1600. I need to talk to the local mom and pop shops.
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That's a lot of labor cost in there, but also likely includes the cost of the fluid as well as a wheel alignment which is required after this job.

That was for a new, not a reman rack right?

Did you get a written quote? You'll want that for comparison shopping.

As for putting stop leak in there, I don't know. I wouldn't do that myself as I can simply drive my other vehicle if I couldn't get the bug in the shop right away.

My opinion is that your vehicle is not truly safe to drive now until you get that rack replaced. I wouldn't drive it, I wouldn't get in as a passenger knowing this problem exists.
I will chime in on this one. Yes the rack will need to be replaced. But as a temp fix I wouldnt hesitate to put a stop leak product in it. What do you have to lose, the rack is already toast. Its only a temp fix. But it will get you by.
I have had great results with "Lucas" Stop leak.
I used it on a Dodge work truck of mine, not only did it almost stop the leak completely, it lasted 30k until I sold it, and when I spoke to the second owner, he stated it was still holding.
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