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Our 2000 Beetle's windows have worked fine. When we bought it used a couple of years ago, they both had problems and we had them repaired and they've been fine ever since.

The vinyl was coming off of the inside passenger door panel, and so last night, I removed the screws at the bottom of the door and the two underneath the door trim to loosen it up so that we could remove the vinyl covered panel to find a way to wrap and re-affix the vinyl. Got it out... ended up just stapling the vinyl on, re-inserted it, and re-did the screws.

We never did take the entire inside of the door off - just pulled it out slightly from the bottom so there would be some play in the vinyl-covered panel so we could remove it. I got it fixed and re-inserted, and it looks as good as new.

However... today I went to put down the driver's side window, and it wouldn't go down. And then, from the driver's door, I tried to put the passenger window down, and... nothing. And then I tried to put the passenger window down from the switch on the passenger door, and ... nothing.

When I turn the lights on, the window switches for both the passenger and driver's window on the driver's door light up.

The single switch on the passenger door for the passenger window does not light up.

I assume that something came unhooked inside the passenger door when we had the screws out and tugged on it. Is this a likely scenario? Would something being disconnected in *just* the passenger side door render both windows useless?

Thanks for any advice!
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