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*(A 2002 VW New Beetle Turbo S “Concept Car’, Inspired by the great German Porsche Aftermarket Tuner Alois Ruf, built & designed as he might, given the inclination to modify a New Beetle!)

Performance & Suspension:

APR DPP (Stock, 93 and 100 Octane Programs)
APR 2.5” Stainless Steel Turbo Back Exhaust w/ Ruf Exhaust Tip
Custom Hyperflow Intake by Stratmosphere w/ AFE Breather
Hyperboost HP Diverter Valve by Stratmosphere
VDO Turbo Boost Gauge
Complete SAMCO Hose kit
Hose Techniques Super Blue Vacuum Lines
42 Draft Design Vacuum Line T-Fitting and Restrictor
VF Engineering Motor, Transmission and Pendulum Mounts
Vogtland Coilovers w/1.5” drop
Eibach 22mm Front & 25mm Rear Sway bars
VF Engineering Sway Bar End Links
Sigma Six Short Shift Kit
Optima Group 35 Redtop Battery
Mobil One Oil and Oil Filters used Exclusively

Tires & Wheels:

Ruf Wheel Set w/Continental ContiSport Contact 3’s
Fronts: 19 x 8.5” Et56, 22mm H&R Trak+ Wheel Spacers, (Final Et34), 235x35x19’s

Rears: 19 x 10” Et66, 30mm H&R Trak+ Wheel Spacers, (Final Et36),

OEM Ruf/Porsche Black Anodized Lugs & Wheel Locks


Ruf/ECS Big Brake Kit with Proprietary Tuning by Ruf

Fronts: 6 Piston Ruf Tuned Brembo Calipers w/Hawk Performance Ferro-Carbon Pads, ECS 14.1" light weight 2 piece vented Cross- Drilled/Slotted Floating Rotors.

Rears: Ruf Tuned 337/20AE Rear Calipers and Carriers w/Hawk Performance Ceramic Pads, ECS 12.1" light weight 2 piece floating 308x22mm vented Cross-Drilled/Slotted Floating Rotors.

Stainless Steel Lines and Super Blue Racing Fluid

Interior Styling:

Custom “One-Off” Pod Mounted Turbo Boost Gauge Housing
Custom Recaro Sportster CS Seats w/Painted Shells
Custom Ruf shifter and Shift Knob
Custom Molded and Painted Ruf Shifter Console and Center Console
Custom Black Leather Covered Top-Stitched Arm Rest
Custom Ruf Polished Billet Aluminum Grab Handle
Custom Turbo S Dash Plaque
RSI Polished Billet Aluminum Heat-A/C-Fan Control Knobs
Polished Billet Aluminum Dash Defrost Vents
Custom Polished Billet Aluminum Cup Holders and Mirror Switch
Audi TT A/C Vents & Shift Trim Ring
Euro Headlight Switch with disabled DRL’s
Custom "Turbo S" mats by Lloyd
Stainless Steel Door Sills with “Turbo S” logos
Stainless Steel 12V Socket Flashlight

Exterior Styling:

Incorporated Audi TT Gas Cap Conversion
Polished Billet Aluminum Oil Cap, Coolant Cap, Fuel Cap, Windshield Washer Reservoir Cap and Power Steering Cap Covers
Caractere Side Skirts
DTM Chin Spoilers
Speedster Hood Cowl
Phaeton Antenna
Shaved Front Hood / Filled License Plate
Shaved and Molded Rear Tow Hook Cover
Shaved Rear Hood and Engine Cover with Ruf designation badges
Shaved and Smoothed Rocker Panels
Custom Rear Valance Exhaust Blend
3M Paint Protection Film
Tinted Glass with 35% tint
Custom “Turbo S” side Decals

A few links:

TT Gas Cap Conversion

VWvortex Forums: TT Gas Cap Conversion

Smooth / Filled Rocker Panels

VWvortex Forums: God is in the DETAILS!

Interior Center Console

VWvortex Forums: Ruf Bug Stage II Interior Center Console

Tire/Wheel/Brake Upgrade

VWvortex Forums: Ruf Bug Stage II Brakes Tires Wheels

Parts for Sale

Misc. Turbo S + Parts for Sale

*Special thanks to Lam at Lam Photography for capturing some incredible shots!

Enjoy! :cool:

ToD Maiden Voyager
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dayummmm, that's sweet, Hollywood! :bigthumb:

Super Moderator
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I Love Your Ruf Bug! Finally, we have Pics! :party:

That Crazy Belgian Guy
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holy :eek::eek::eek:

That is just a w e s o m e :cool:

What are the specs of the engine?

Peace Love & T.o.D.
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That car is *#*#ing amazing. WOW. WOW and Wow. For all you players out there who thought your TS was the bomb, well ol Hollywood just raised the bar. And I think we need a extension ladder to reach it....ok I need to go cry now.....ps. thanks for the links

crazy 'bout my KD Bug!
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There's nothing rough about your ruf-bug...it's a tough bug! It might just be the most beautifully modded nb ever!!!! It had to cost a freakin bomb to accomplish everything, but boy, was it worth it!?!!!!! Now, let me wipe up the drool streaming down my chin :jawdrop:

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Hollywood is a good modder but horrible photographer. :pinch:
If you notice, in BOLD type at the bottom of my post, I give *Special Thanks to Lam @ Lam Photography for the shots. He's the one to give credit to for the beautiful photos. He's obviously a "professional".;) I could have never gotten anything close to the quality of these pics. (But thanks for props on the car). :cool:
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