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Hi Everyone,

I want to start fixing up my 2000 VW Beetle interior. If I use vinyl wrap on the plastic interior, do I need to remove all the sticky stuff first? I know to use rubbing alcohol to remove it all. Or is there anything else better to use to remove all the sticky stuff?

If I decide to use paint instead (like on the center console area), do I need to prep it first (sand it?)? Or can I just use a spray paint without prepping it?

Any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
Get the surface CLEAN before paint. Scuff or sand to 400 or 600. I will be using an adhesion promoter (Bulldog, SEM,etc) first, then paint, on my door panels. If you just spray can it, get the Krylon or equal that says made for plastics. Also, you can check at NAPA auto parts for paints and adhesion promoter.
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