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I wrapped the 3 pieces on the top dash. used the Vivvid dry carbon film (i also bought the 3m dynoc but it ended up being narow for the piece i ordered) Here are some pics of the results. since it was the dry it had a matte finish and doesn't glare at all, much less than that factory rubber coat anyway.

Sleeve Wood Gesture Comfort Floor
Hood Eyewear Wood Bumper Musical instrument accessory

Film on the roll is the 3m, the vvivd film is on the part
here is a pic of it finished
Window Plant Building Hood Vehicle
Window Building Hood Shade Plant

It has held up very well, i did have to use the 3m primer around the edges, i did not remove the factory soft coat stuff, i just cleaned it really good with alch and scuffed with green scotch brite pad.


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