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Hi all.. I just got my first beetle... a 2000 1.8L, 5 speed. I thought it was going to be awesome but it's been one thing after the next so far. I'll highlight my main issues below and would love it if you can jump in on any of the issues with advice.

"Maybe" needs a new clutch?

I say maybe because it feels a lot like it's slipping, shifts gears ok but then sluggishly accelerates while the engine and tachometer revs high and hard. But the speed doesn't increase at the same rate. I'd think 100% clutch issue, EXCEPT...

ARS and ABS lights are on. They stay on full time, and ARS button on dash does nothing, doesn't turn on or off. I've read elsewhere that since this is related to traction control, it could affect performance (sluggish motor, etc). My fingers are crossed that this is the problem, and not the clutch... I have seen these lights relating to Mass Air Flow sensor, and would happily replace that if needed, BUT..

When I took the car to O'Reily's to get an engine code read out, their scanner wouldn't read the car. They suspected it was a fuse and asked if the cigarette lighter works. (I found out later it does, so... why no read-out?)

ALSO -- I can't even open the hood at present, because the interior hood lever isn't working. It pulls up all the way, but no pop-up on the trunk. I'm guessing there's something broken on the lever but need to know if I should pull that lever assembly apart and start there...?

Thank you in advance for the assistance! I really do like what this car "could be" …..


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