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We have a 2007 Rabbit, and I have to say it has been one of the most utilitrian vehicles we have ever owned...with our A3 a close second.
We couldn't be happier.
It has done everything we asked and more...including moving furniture.
I even autocrossed it in Hstock on stock tires and placed 6th in PAX for the year against well over 150 other vehicles. There is nothing like embarassing people with 80K cars with a stock grocery getter. Awesome.
Now when I bring our LTD NBC out to autocross...the testosterone driven autocross folk will have a stroke.:D
The best feeling is cruising thru the mountains with the top down. Absolutely love that.
The NBC is one of the cheapest all around convertable cars on the market. Period. Although the Miata is pretty good value as well...but only for two.
Silver/Red with Red is awesome!
But the Rabbit is easily the best utilitarian vehicle on the market today...IMHO.
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