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Hello! I have a few questions, so instead of multiplying threads I post all at once. I appreciate if you could suggest anything:)

After winter was gone in MN, I removed base rack that came with my used beetle since I bought it and, I suspect, had been there for all these years before. Cautious previous owner placed paint protection guards on the roof which is nice, probably, like those Volkswagen New Beetle 2.0 > Exterior > Body > ES#1872001 Rack Guard (Roof Rack Paint Protection) - RR-8 . Unfortunately, it appeared hard to remove them. I cannot just easily peel them off as single pieces. Furthermore, I get sticky residue. Is there any special solution I can use to facilitate removal? Or more persistence and elbow grease is the only solution?

Another issues are body cracks. There are broken fenders. I wonder if it is easy to swap them. Do I understand right that there are just 5 crews that hold them? Or is it more involved process? I guess the damage is big to fix existing ones, isn't it?

Is the following part removable? I can't find its part number in catalog. Is it made of metal or plastic? It looks like it starts to rust at the bottom, but the cracks above look like in plastic.



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