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Hey Folks,

So, I've got radio adapter kit from TVA which includes face plate, wiring harness, and antenna adaptor.

Unfortunately, the face plate doesn't fit good at all and looks very ugly. It sticks outs at some edges and bottom. Overall, the shape isn't like it's supposed to be. Looks to be very low quality. I think that plate is made by Schoshe, because it has big S stamped on the back and the instructions included were Schoshe too.

Are there any kits out there that fit well without needing to be modifed? Please let me know if you know any.

Anyway, I tried installing new Alpine CDA-9855 radio but the freaking wires and the DC/CD 4V Preout convertex box thing didn't fit. So, I took apart the dash now and will route the wires in a better way and hope they'll fit this time.

Ohh, almost forgot, does the Monsoon amplifier has high-level or low-level inputs, meaning should I connect cables to Monsoon amp from speaker outputs from headunit or RCA?

I hope I can get this finished and listen to my MP3s :)

By the way, I have Turbo S.
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