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radio code help needed

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Just bought a 2000 new beetle. The battery was disconnected before we purchased it so the radio is in safe mode. There is no code in the spare tire hold or in the manual. The local dealership wants $65 to give me the code. There are no tools to pull the radio out either.
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The tools have to be purchased; they did not come with the car. You can order them online; I special ordered them from autozone in store and they came the next day.


That sounds high on the code; you might call another dealership or contact Vw customer service, to see what they can do for you.

If the radio is original, often after driving the car for a while the Safe mode will clear on its own.

You may need to try to turn the radio off and on a number of times.

I have seen this happens when the battery was disconnected for service and the radio will somehow recognize the VIN or something on the CAN bus and start working without entering a code.
That's total BS I called my VW dealer and asked them for the replacement radio code. He needed the Vin from the car and a VW number on the side of the radio. I can give the number for my VW dealer and I guarantee they will help you. They are in central Pa and are good people. I just called the Service dept manage and he helped without any issue..

Turn it on and run around a few minutes , it might just fix it self. Mine did after I blew the fuse .
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