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Radio stays on forever

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First a brief history for the 2001. A few months age the ignition switch was replaced and last month it got t boned on the drivers side and back. When the ignition switch went some of the wires were melted in the steering column. The accident just pushed in the door panel enough to stop the window from working. Most of the damage was behind the door and rear fender. My daughter park the car and came out the next day and her radio was still on and said her remote wouldn't work when the radio was on but if she turned it off it would lock. She parked it for 3 days and the battery was dead. I think she left the radio on with the cassette tape in which has a cord to her phone for her music. That probably drain the battery. I got the battery charged and back in the car. with the window down and car locked I went back out 2 hours later and was able to turn the radio on and off. I did noticed that with the window down something is loose in the door so its going back to the body shop. When i first got it home I did shut the door with the window up a few times and the remote stopped working,turning the radio on and off did not change to allow the remote to start working so I turn the key on and off on it locked the doors. I hope that what ever is loose in the door is messing with the remote. Should the radio work with out the key in forever. the most I can find is 20 minutes to an hour is normal.
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after sitting all day the remote would not work. The radio did turn on. I opened and closed the the door a few times more times still the remote didn't work. Started the car and turned it off and than the remote started working.
Our original factory stereo in our '05 New Beetle Convertible wouldn't shut off completely. I confirmed it was the radio by completely disconnecting it which made all of our power drain problems go away. Eventually, I replaced it with an aftermarket radio and the power drain problems never came back.

So, one way to check if it is the radio would be to pull it and see if your other problems disappear. If the other problems persist, then perhaps it's something else still damaged by the crash that needs repaired.
there is a switch on the ignition switch that senses when the key is still in the ignition. When you pull the key out, you'll hear a big clunk from the ignition lock, and the aux power to the car is supposed to turn off. There is a second aux for the windows that turns off as soon as a door is opened.

Should also mention, if it thinks the key is still in the ignition, the fob stops working, won't accept commands.

you'll also notice probably that the alarm won't enable, red LED won't flash. Can probably still lock the doors however.
new window regulator, it was loose. The body shop almost laughed and said they took good notes and the insurance co. was paying for a new one. So I take it they wanted to replace it the first time. So far everything is working including the cruise control which I don't think has anything to do with this, its been intermittent for awhile. Body shop wasn't for sure about the remote and radio they suggested I take it to VW. Other than the radio daughter says everything is good. I'll update in a week or two.
I'd perform a throttle body adaptation on the car to see if that takes care of the cruise control issue. If not, I'd have the car scanned for codes.
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