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Our 2004 Beetle Coupe has these had random immobilizer issues for about a year.

- Approx. once/month it takes multiple attempts to start the car. The immobilizer light will flash a few seconds after the car shuts itself off. Usually a 2nd or 3rd try works. Sometimes getting out of the car, locking, then unlocking the car with the key seems to help. Any key can cause this condition, so we know it's not a problematic key. :-/

- I've seen the car running fine, but the immobilizer light continues to flash.

- We had the immobilizer trip a year ago, and it wouldn't start under any condition. Unhooking the battery, other voodoo, nothing. Our mechanic cleared the code in the computer and it's never been this bad since.

Has anyone cured their immobilizer woes short of a cluster replacement? I read on an A8 forum that their fix is to replace a little antenna wire. Looked pretty simple.

Thanks ahead of time!
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