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re: 2.5L PCV valve failure solutions from Dorman!

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re: 2.5L PCV valve failure solutions from Dorman!

The 2.5L; has a common issue, where the PCV valve fails. Up until now the only option; was to buy a whole new valve cover from Volkswagen (VW doesn't sell the PCV separately); at $225 or more, plus install... it is a pretty expensive fix with stock Volkswagen dealer parts! Because of this issue; Dorman has come out with a PCV repair kit and it is around $30 or so. I thought I would post this; so, this info maybe useful for anyone with this problem in the future.


Item Details

NOTE: according to the application guide; it will also work with the new 2.0L turbo engine as well; all the way up to the current model; Jetta, Golf, Beetle etc.

http://dormanproducts.com/da-54696-917-064.aspx (click on the "Detailed Applications" link)

issue discussed:

VWVortex.com - 2006 2.5L Idle Problems P2279 and P0507

The Dorman part; should be available from your local parts store; like autozone or online through places like, amazon.

online sources:


If anyone; purchases this kit and would post picture and a "how to", that would be a great way, to finish off this thread! Thanks! :)
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I will have to save the part numbers.

Looked thru the site and found their new product pages.

they now have a battery fuse panel and the covers for the lug bolts
I contacted Dorman; to see if they had any install instructions, apparently they don't (go figure). Here is the process; according to the support guy I was chatting with online, I hope this is helpful for those, attempting this repair.

NOTE: the repair, DOES NOT; require removal of the valve cover or gasket, it can be completed in situ (in place).

1. you unclip the old pcv cover off the valve cover

2. then pull the diaphragm out and replace with the new one

3. then line the notches up and snap the new PCV cover onto the valve cover.

repair completed!

If anyone; has anymore questions for Dorman, you can chat with their very helpful support reps here:

M-Th 8am-7pm; Fri 8-5pm EST


Toll-Free 1-866-933-2911
Mon-Thu 8am - 7pm , Fri 8am - 5pm EST

email: [email protected]


Limited lifetime warranty info:

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Just a follow up; I did this repair on the 2005 VW Jetta with the 2.5L, same as the new beetle. It was not a hard job; took a little while to get the plastic cover off but took 15 minutes at the most to complete the repair, not a hard job and fixed the problem (uneven idle and acceleration issues; CEL and trouble codes for the issue). Ordered the part online from Rock Auto (best price) and it was also available from my local Autozone but had to be special ordered.
So I have a question about this issue. My Beetle has been acting up recently and we haven't been able to get a good read on what the codes are. She runs fine at first and after a few minutes she starts to idle rough and loses power big time. My husband has replaced the coils with new red tops and the plugs with NGK replacements. We did the oil cap check and with the engine running the cap would come off fine but the second the cap came off the engine started to sputter and die and you could hear sucking noises from the oil fill. We pulled the cap off the PCV in the valve cover and there is a small tear. Could this be whats causing all the issues?? AND, a question from my husband... Could he just bypass the factory PCV and put a generic PCV inline with a piece of hose? Thanks in advance!

re: 2.5L PCV valve failure solutions from Dorman!

What you're describing is pretty much identical to what I've seen in relation to the 2.5l PCV failure; I don't know about having some sort of PCV hack in the car. Please do yourself and us a favor and fix it correctly; the Dorman repair kit is cheap. The repair is a quick fix and it is a fraction of the cost of buying a whole new valve cover from the Volkswagen dealer.
Ok. So we did order the PCV valve/gasket repair kit. Replaced that. Now for 2 days she was running great. Seemed back to normal. Now today I drove her to work... Ran great. Then on my way home (about 3/4 of the way) she started to act up again. Loss of power, stuttering like a misfire, try to push the gas pedal and the RPMs don't move... Then it will run ok for a few seconds or minutes... I have no clue what else could be the issue now.... HELP!:confused:
Please get the car scanned for trouble codes; post any and all trouble codes here. I believe Dorman said; that it might take a little while for the replacement valve to 'seat' a bit; it is a diaphragm of sorts, so it might need to work itself in (you might double check; that it is seating and installed as it should be). The 2.5 L is known for failing coil packs; there was a recall and you might check with your dealer to see if there is an open recall on your car most auto parts stores will scan your car for free..
Any updates or codes? :confused:
Couldn't find a reader to read, all said 'link error'. Ordered a VAG Can Bus scanner came in today. Tried scanning, again 'link error'. Did some research found that my aftermarket stereo that I just had put in (which that was another ordeal all of its own, but that's another posting) may be the cause for the 'link error'. Removed the stereo, unplugged it, even unplugged the harness... Finally got a reading...
" 01314-177 01/01
Engine control module
Sporadic- no

Did a little more research and found that the stereo may also be attributing to the sporadic codes and misfire problems....?! Anyone else hear of this?!

Feeling a little annoyed...
01314 - Ross-Tech Wiki

Did you clear the codes or try a hard reset? Please post any and all codes you are getting. Has anything changed; the way it is driving or running?

Which make and model vw scanner did you buy?
Literally just came into the house after clearing the code. That was the only code given. The scanner we used is the Autel CAN VW/AUDI SCAN TOOL Maxscan vag 405. Haven't driven it yet.
Well, take it for a drive and see how it runs; then scan it again, for any trouble codes. Post them up here... we will go from there. ;)
UGH!!!! I seriously want to scream! I have been driving her for 2 wks now with no problems. No check engine light, no stuttering, nothing! Then today out of the blue on the way home from work I stopped at a light and she was idling weird again, not as bad as before but I was worried that the problem was rearing it's ugly head again... and it was! On the way home she began sputtering and stalled once. I made it home, but now I have NO IDEA what is causing this continued problem.
The coil packs and spark plugs are new and replaced
The PCV valve gasket was replaced
What we thought was the "K-wire" was cut (the wire on the stock stereo harness that I've read can cause this issue)....
Now I'm thinking of trying to drive around without the stereo in at all and see what that does....
But can all of this be due to the after market stereo really?!?! I know people have changed out their stereo in their beetle's before.... has ANY ONE had this issue?!?!

Feeling beyond frustrated about this!!!:mad:
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We need to see any and all trouble codes; that the car, is showing. Do you have access to a VW compatible scanner? I would buy one asap; look on amazon.com for the vgate vs450, for about $50. When you post the codes; then, we can hopefully, get a sense of what is going on. I'm wondering; if you need to clean the throttle body and have it aligned/adapted.

How many miles are on the car; what has been the repair/maintenance history of the car (noted: the parts your replaced, where did you get the parts, good quality? etc.). Give us the whole info/history; on this car. Get the car scanned and post up those codes! :)
Ok, so like I posted before... we did get a code reader... I posted the only code that was given at the time. This time there is no check engine like or code being thrown at this time.

Again... The car has about 60-some thousand miles on it... I know the water pump needs replaced soon, and I need to do the fuel filter. All oil changes have been done by the dealer. Transmission and clutch were replaced January 2013. Other than that no other major problems with the car or need for repairs....
Hmm, NO codes! I'm leaning towards; a possible fuel pressure issue. We had another member; with issues, that ended up being the fuel pump. I'm wondering; if when the car gets hot, that the fuel pressure goes down. I live in New Mexico and when I had to replace my fuel pump, it was in the really hot weather that killed the fuel pump (I had NO CODES; the fuel pump was failing, however)! Many electrical devices/components; will work ok, when cold but when warmed up will fail or not work to the correct performance level they need to. Has the; fuel filter or pump, ever been replaced?

Check out this thread; where we went through, quite a bit of troubleshooting to confirm the problem, possibly similar to yours (same 2.5L engine).

The thing that doesn't make sense though is that I live in Tucson, AZ... It's been over 100 degrees regularly the past 2 weeks that I've been driving it... I live over 20 miles from my work... and each day that I've driven it this hasn't happened... until yesterday. So the engine temp doesn't make sense...
Well, we can theorize and debate, whether something is the reason for the problem, ad nauseum. If you want to fix the problem yourself; you are going to have to start doing some troubleshooting steps, with some testing equipment. A fuel pressure test, is a easy thing to do and a fuel pressure tester, can be rented at a auto parts store or purchased inexpensively, at places like Harbor Freight. You need to get hard cold facts and start a process of elimination, results being "pass" or "fail" and go on to the next possibility/component. NOTE: the fuel filter on the 2.5L; has the fuel pressure regulator built into it, so when replacing that, it also eliminates that as a possible issue. I provided links in the thread for testing procedures, I listed above; here is a link to the factory service manuals: Volkswagen Workshop Manuals Jump in or take it; to a professional! Lets get this thing fixed! :)
WonderBeetle, ever get your problems resolved? :confused: I hope you have gotten your Beetle fixed; by now!?;)
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