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Thanks for the feedback; it is good to hear, that people are having positive results with this repair kit. If it fails on you; please let us know and I think Dorman, has a limited lifetime warranty; that might cover, a replacement.

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I just did my PCV valve diaphram replacement today 1/20/2021..I had bought the dorman replacement part over a yr.ago anticipating it woud need replaced at some point.
Its been idling kinda goofy for along time ..not bad but I noticed it...The bug never thru a code...today I just hooked up scanner to see fuel trims...didnt have any...I checked pcv on car and noticed at bottom it was sucking a lil air.
the engine always makes for problems with the computer..After putting finger over weep hole on bottom off & on again.Scanner pulled code P2279..but no engine light!
I pulled cover off( not easy!)the plastic is very easly damaged..Inspecting diaphram i noticed it was torn loose from bottom around middle plastic part..I guess it would seal then it wouldnt...I installed new diaphram & was a pain to clip all tabs in...But was a success!...runs fine no leaks( as far as I can tell)
Hopefully will last longer the what i"ve read here.....good luck guys...This is my 2 cents Billymade....love ur help here....
41 - 43 of 43 Posts