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Re map or obd II chip

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Anyone have experience of either for the V5 Motor.
the OBD II seems to be the easy route but have not seen any reviews for the V5 motor.

Any information will be much appreciated, wayne.
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I would think; that seeing how it was UK/Euro spec engine; you would be looking at tuning companies from Germany and Europe. The V5 wasn't USA spec; so, USA based tuning companies, would most likely not offer a tuning map for it. From the quick search I did; responses from UK based websites, seemed to indicate it was not a cost effective engine to modify (normally aspirated engine) but if you throw enough money at any engine, you can always get more power. :) It seems the V5; is basically, a VR6 with one cylinder removed.

Here are some tuning companies; that come to mind, you might contact them and see if they offer tuning for your car:

Oettinger Sportsystems GmbH -*home

Chip tuning, aerodynamics, rims. ABT Sportsline is the world?s leading Audi and VW tuner

Welcome to REVO | Revo Technik

Tuners that seem to offer V5 tuning:

(software; supercharging, hardware bolt ons):

V5 Tuning - Carlicious-Parts ? Augsburg ? Tuning ? Chiptuning ? VR6 ? Kompressor Kit ? V5 ? Turbo ? R32 ? VW

(software remapping):

Car Volkswagen Golf Mk4 V5 | Engine Performance Upgrades | Chips & Tuning | Performance | Home | Demon Tweeks

Posting this question; in UK based sites, probably would be a good idea:

this site: seems to be popular and has good info:

uk-mkivs - The UK's best Forum for Volkswagen Golf MK4 & Bora, Mk5 Golf and Jetta, Mk6, MK7 and New Scirocco

This section: dedicated to technical/performance tuning:

Engine, Tuning and Performance - uk-mkivs

Here is a older thread; that seems to have good info:

[Mk4 Golf] V5 2.3 AQN tuning advice required please - Engine, Tuning and Performance - uk-mkivs
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Thanks for the wealth of info here.

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