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re: Radio Antenna code: 00856 36-00 Open Circuit; repair video

Hey, I have had a antennae issue on my 02 NB for a long time; it always came up on my VCDS scan as this:

1 Fault Found: 00856 - Radio Antenna 36-00 - Open Circuit

From Ross Tech Wiki:

00856 - Radio Antenna

00856 - Radio Antenna: Open Circuit
00856 - Radio Antenna: Short to Ground
Possible Symptoms
Radio Tuner not working
Possible Causes
Wiring/Connectors from/to Radio Antenna faulty
Radio Antenna faulty
Possible Solutions
Check Wiring/Connectors from/to Radio Antenna
Check Radio Antenna

I never looked into it; as it required taking the interior apart to get to it; I ran across a youtube video for a Mark IV Golf. I think this is what the problem is; the antenna/base is same as our New Beetles! Looks like corrosion; is a common problem and this guy, repairs his! I thought; this might be helpful, for others that have this problem and have this fault code with VCDS! :)

DIY: Volkswagen MKIV Antenna Removal & Repair

DIY: Volkswagen MKIV Antenna Removal & Repair - YouTube

I maybe doing this myself; I will report back, when I do! :)
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