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I want to replace the gauges in my 2003 cab with a screen.

Don't ask me why! it's just a hobby, and I want to try and do something like the cool digital screens that are now popping up in Audi and Mercedes etc.

I realise this will open me up to many comments of "why would you do this" - but let's just assume I do :)

Planning to use a Raspberry Pi2, and connecting it to the OBDII port.

The problem is that while I can get all the data on speed, fuel level, revs, etc. I can't seem to get the warning lights and indicators, etc.

Does anyone know how I can grab that data and where from? So that, for example, I could display a green left arrow when the left indicator is on - and things like the airbag wanrings lights, etc.

Many thanks

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