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rear end drifting on bumpy road

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I bought an '04 tdi about 2 months ago. Had to replace DSG trans and both axles at the same time. Have a quick question about the suspension. Our '03 vert only has 61k miles and the car is tight on the road. The tdi has 150k on it and when you hit small bumps or the reflectors in the road it feels like the rear end gets a little squirrely. I have checked the rear wheel bearings and they feel tight and there is no horizontal movement in the rear of the car. Can the shocks cause this or is there bushings in the rear axle assembly that wear out?
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Check the springs in the back that the rubber mount at the top is not worn out. You might not notice any play in the wheel from an old mount but might notice it on the road.

Also the shock back there, by now if it is OEM it is worn dead. Mine had less miles on it than yours when I replaced them and there was no resistance at all to compression. I could compress those by hand and they would stay compressed.

There are axle bushings, they could get worn out.
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