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How to Attach Rear License Plate on 2007 NB

I recently bought a 2007 NB and just received the new license plate in the mail. When I went to install it, I realized that what I thought were threaded mounting holes were really just plain holes through the bumper cover (appear to be factory with recessed edges). The spacing is too wide to match up with the plate holes. The prior owner had just screwed the plate directly through the bumper cover. How is the rear plate supposed to be mounted? It seems like there is a bracket missing that would fit into the factory holes...? Thanks!

Update: Went to local VW dealer today. They pulled up the parts diagram which shows a picture of a bracket (similar to the front bracket), but lists no part number. Almost like VW intended to use a mounting bracket, but then didn't. The parts guy looked through earlier model years too all the way back to 2000. Same result each time... a diagram, but no part number available.

I have a hard time imagining the VW dealer just screwing the plate through the bumper cover when you go in to buy a new car!

Tried to post a picture here, but having trouble getting it to "stick"
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