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Make sure their are no chipped off pieces on either the door or the console where the radii connections are.

Think the door or console is broke? It's probably not!

This came up through a post I made in another thread that was totally unrelated to this problem, but apparently it is pretty common.

Slide the seat (driver's or passenger's depending on whether your right handed or a southpaw) all the way forward and tip it up. Get down behind the seat so you have a clear view of what is going on.

You have to start with the door disconnected and all the way down, open, or whatever you would call it. Line up the females on the door with the males on the console (the radius shapes). And push it kind of hard "in" before starting to "roll" it closed. Took me a couple times to get both side to go in simultaneously, and if they don't, your where you are now. lol

I'll pull mine out today and do it again, for maybe a little better DIY, but I think this is right. Its been about six weeks ago. I really thought it was broken and that I was going to have to replace it, but...

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