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Rear Wheel Stub Axle/Bearing

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I am going to replace the passenger rear wheel stub axle and bearing on my daughter's '99 NB and have the nice new shiny parts. I have a question about grease. Is it a good idea to grease up the stub axle before the new bearing is installed on the stub? Also, is there any need to add grease to the inner race of the bearing itself? Just wondering.
Fifteen years of built-up rust on those 4 stub axle bolts is going to be way too much fun. I have lots of deep penetrating oil and a decent torch. I figure I'm going to have get the bolts red hot before they break free. I'm hoping my impact gun will do all the work for me.
I replaced the ABS sensor last weekend. After 15 years, it was as brittle as hard toffee and I swear it and the hub metal were one. There was nothing left of the sensor after I had finally got it out. No worries though, the new sensor slid in perfectly.
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It's been a while since I have done it on my daughter's car, but I don't remember adding any extra grease.

I believe the bearings are sealed and don't require extra grease but if you are talking about pressing the new bearings into the hub than yes a little grease will help ya out getting those in. I wouldn't bother with it just take the stripped hub and the new bearings to a machine shop they should do it for ya at a low price. That's what I did when I did my front bearings and the machine shop only charge me $25-30 bucks a piece to press the bearings in.
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