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Hi Everyone,

New guy on the forum, not new to the scene though.

My mom's car is a 2003 Convertible Beetle. She had a stroke back in March, so the car has been sitting. I took it out one time and all hell broke loose.

First, the passenger side window regulator jammed, and the window wouldn't go up or down. I determined it was the regulator, and my dad "helped" by dis assembling everything but the window and regulator. Apparently, I wasn't the first in there, as I got the new window regulator in, but when I went to make the adjustments on the window, the bottom window adjustment allen bolt was stripped. Do any of you know if I can just buy that piece?

The other issue was the stupid flaps. The passenger side was wrecked when I tried to put the top up. Oh well, I just took the other off, not paying that money for a new or used one.

That brings me to the top. If I'm sitting in the car, and I use the button to open the top, it opens but doesn't open all the way to trigger the light on the rear view mirror to settle down. Yes, I let the motors stop working before releasing the button. When I had a hand, we put it down and I pushed down when it reached the open position and the light switched off. The battery recently went dead, could this be the cause? Could it be a microswitch or adjustment?

When the top does go down, with the car running, it won't come back up. If I turn the car off, then turn it back on again, the top will come up. Again, related to the battery?

Thanks in advance for the help!
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