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Recharging Air Conditioning on the High Side?

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This is the first I have ever heard of this so I am looking for "expert" advice not what someone heard somewhere. Its pretty important apparently.

I bought a rebuilt ac compressor for my 1999 New Beetle off ebay and asked the rebuilder a question on how much PAG oil he put into the compressor. He then called me and we talked for quite a while.

So his company rebuilds tons of compressors and he had this to say about recharging the compressors on the new beetle. He said that if you recharge like most do, on the low side line, the compressor can immediately fail. I don't remember his exact words because it was a long conversation but something to do with newer cars have some sort of variable mechanism inside that gets messed up if the system isn't fired up with a complete recharge.

Has anyone with training on auto AC systems ever heard of this? He said the only way to properly recharge these newer systems is through the automated machines.

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First mistake you made was buy rebuilt cheap stuff off ebay.
when it comes to A/C work you can't go cheap on these beetles.
I had to replace my compressor twice because of trying to use cheap china junk off ebay.

If the systems electronics are working properly the ECU will not allow the compressor clutch to engage unless there is certain amount of pressure in the system.

If you recharge the system off the high side you have to pump it in liquid form (turn Freon can upside down) VERY DANGEROUS AND MORE CHANCE OF DAMAGING SYSTEM COMPONENTS, I HIGHLY DON'T RECOMMAND IT. Sorry most folks here are going by experience and knowledge, if you want expert professional help go to an A/C repair shop. Good luck :popcorn:
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