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Hi there,

I just "acquired" a girlfriend with a 2005 convertible and it has a few issues that should be easy to address:

1) - Somebody broke a piece of the external rearview at the Driver's side (this is mainland EU, i.e., the left side). Attached picts:

Would somebody be so kind to tell me the reference for this piece?. Advice to change it would be also welcome

2) There is a CD stuck in the OEM stereo. I saw a thread where somebody said that he used forceps to remove it, but I find it impossible. I even removed the stereo and the stereo head, but the CD is firmly locked from its center, no way to remove it pulling from the edge. Can this be fixed or should I change the stereo? Any advice for a model that fits well in the dashboard?

3) The fabric lining the roof is partly detached at the back windshield, due to some clips that are loose. It can be forced in again but they pop out again soon. I have read several threads describing the same problem in convertibles but not a straightforward way to fix that. Somebody even mentions a manufacturer's recall for this issue. Apparently not in Spain or at least the local dealer does not know about it :mad:. More details about this?

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