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Background: Wife has wanted a Beetle for a long time, just before Christmas, we found one that she liked and bought it. It is a 2008 2.5L. We we bought it, it only came with one key, the Valet key, and two off brand remotes. Not owning a Bug since the mid 70's I didn't think anything about it.

We order a new key from our "Local" VW dealer. The key came in and they were able to "program" the remote (something my dog could do) but were not able to program the immobilizer chip in the new key to work.

Being real PO'ed that they still stuck with a bill for the key and programming, (Nasty letters written all over the place about that) I did some research on the off brand remote and it turns out someone put a remote starter in the car. That means that there is a chip hidden inside the steering column.

Before I really screw things up and kill the car, and earn my wife's wrath, does anyone else think that removing the chip from the new key, thus not causing a conflict with the chip in the column, allow my new useless key to work.

BTW: when I start the car with the valet key, the immobilizer light does not come on, but with the new key it does.

Thanks for any enlightened opinions you may have.
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