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Removal of plastic hatch cover 2012+

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Can anyone help me with some instructions on how to remove the plastic cover on the inside of the back hatch? I want to access the third brake light wiring. This was easy on my 1998, couple of screws inside the handle areas and then pull or pry. How about the 2012+? Thanks.
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I just did this over the last weekend. there are just two screws toward the middle, kinda hidden in between the two pull-down handle areas... you will need a star screw bit to take them out....

once the two screws are out, you just pull on the handle area, it will come off....

taking it off is easy, but putting it back together is a PITA, be forewarned... I was not able to put it back on my own... you will need at least two pairs of hands to put it back...
It can be easier to reassemble with the sides and part under the antenna (at top of hatch door) to be removed also. Had mine apart several times and this always made it easier although much more time consuming
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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