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Removing bumpers/fenders....

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I have a 05 vert non turbo, do the front fenders and bumper all come off as one like on the 2003 model? Been trying to find walk thru videos online as this is my first VW, but not having any luck.

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I'm fairly certain you can remove the bumper separately than the fenders although I'm not 100% positive as I haven't done this myself.
Yeah I don't know, it's proven to be impossible to find a video walk thru of the process thus far.
Yeah it seems there aren't a ton of videos on youtube for doing things on the NB. Golfs and Jetta are a different story and are all over the place.

What do you need to remove the bumper for?
Well, I need to figure out how to remove mirrors, bumpers, fenders, to start getting rid of the ugly silver.

I know there are exploded diagrams on paper of how to, I just prefer watching someone do it first, much easier for me.
Yeah I get that. Sometimes watching something done is readier than reading about it.

The mirrors should be fairly simple. Just undo the a pillar trim and then a couple of bolts and of course the wiring.
Trim on the inside or outside? Looks like there might be both when I was looking at it a few days ago.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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